About Us

My name is Lewis Beckley, owner of Little Old Lady's Handyman and my goal is to provide quality repair and remodel services throughout the Southern Maryland area. Our company specializes (but not limited to) in: drywall, painting (interior & exterior), carpentry, flooring, concrete (limited), decks, walkways, and much more. We also provide assembly & disassembly services (such as IKEA furniture, and home gym), repairs to appliances large & small, light mechanical duties, and much more.

My experience has been obtained through many different methods; my father, uncles, and grandparents taught me much about a good work ethic along with many skills, such as carpentry, mechanical, electrical, and sewing. I trained at the Forrest Career & Technology Center in Leonardtown with studies in electronic technology, after which I served in the Air Force and trained as a Security Forces Officer. After my service, I built custom homes for 2 years, then worked with a home improvement company building decks and renovating homes. For the last 15 years, I have been a moving specialist. My ability to understand the assembly of furniture has been valuable. I have also provided home repairs for major and minor moving damages. During my time as a moving specialist I continued to provide part-time home improvement services with a local company, along with helping friends & family.

I have grown up in St Mary's County and the most valuable gift we have is community; supporting our local small businesses keeps our communities strong.